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EPDM Sponge Strip

EPDM Sponge Strip
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EPDM Sponge Strip

Product Description

Find adaptability and flexibility with our EPDM sponge strip; a sealing solution made from high grade quality of the flexible material that is known as an elastomeric polymerized diene monad. This strip was built to suit different applications that require environmental resistance and compression. Its ability lies in making adaptations towards irregular surfaces.

The EPDM sponge strip has high flexibility which makes it easy to install and adaptable on uneven surfaces. It retains its form and sealing characteristics through repeated compressions and decompressions, resulting in sustained operation.

Our EPDM sponge strip is offered in different widths, thicknesses and lengths to meet numerous sealing needs. The strip form is easy to install and therefore a reliable solution in different environments.

Our EPDM sponge strip is an option for you in case you are looking to seal automotive components, construction elements or industrial equipment reliably and flexibly. Ensure that your sealing applications are excellent with the quality of EPDM sponge rubber, including PSA options.