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Rubber Cord

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Rubber Cord

Product Description

Elevate your automotive applications with our superior Rubber Cords, available in EPDM and Neoprene versions. These sealing, gasketing, and shock-absorbent cords are intricately crafted to deliver top-quality performance without compromising cost-effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art extrusion production facilities offer flexibility with cord sizes ranging from 0.08cm to 3 inches. Trust the team at Excel Rubber Industries Inc. to propel your seals towards revolutionary performance.

As leading rubber extrusion manufacturers, we specialize in producing high-quality extruded rubber products tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Our comprehensive range includes rubber extrusions, extruded rubber profiles, and extruded rubber seals designed to deliver optimal performance and durability.

Excel Rubber Industries Inc. is committed to providing the best products for your sealing and gasketing needs. Our extensive selection of EPDM products, including EPDM rubber cord and EPDM extrusions, ensures reliable sealing solutions for various applications. Whether you require rubber tubing, rubber gasket tubing, or custom rubber tubing, we have you covered with top-quality products and services.

Choose Excel Rubber Industries Inc. as your trusted partner for all your sealing and gasketing requirements. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that you receive the finest rubber and gasket solutions available. Contact us today to explore our top products and experience the excellence of Excel Rubber Industries Inc. Our services are available to those near Michigan, ensuring convenient access to our top-quality products and services.